Back to Basics in 2019 to Build a Better Future

Back to Basics in 2019 to Build a Better Future

The Association will be focusing on reviewing and developing the fundamental basic requirements that are needed to reduce the social and financial cost of work place injuries.

Our Association is committed to:

  • Supporting Safe Work Initiatives that are focused on injury prevention;
  • Developing Positive Relationships with all scheme and industry stakeholders;
  • Planning for a Sustainable Future by seeking strategic long term solutions;
  • Striving for Better Outcomes for injured workers and employees.

Copies of the ASIEQ Calendar can be located here or hard copies can be requested from

Association of Self Insured Employers of Queensland

Suite 375, Level 1
241 Adelaide Street, Brisbane Q 4000

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ASIEQ believes the opportunity to self insure provides a vehicle for managing the cost of workplace injuries that compliments & enhances an existing workplace culture to provide increased opportunities and incentives to prevent injuries and improve outcomes for injured workers.