Injury Management Conference 2015 – Update #9

Hi All,

Happy 2015 to you all.

I so wish you could all have seen a snippet of the rehearsals for the conference last weekend. I was so proud of the actors, who left two people in the audience in tears. It was that powerful. The messages conveyed from this piece alone will transform the understanding of any team leader or supervisor in the room.

Obviously I will be unable to control everything, but if all goes to plan (fingers crossed), this conference will be a step towards transforming the way a conference is done. The team working with me, have been tireless and prepared to do everything to make sure you have a great day. I have had presenters meet me personally to discuss their ideas, and Dr. Johnson has attended a dozen rehearsals to fine tune the way her research is given life by the actors.

I have given it everything and won’t stop till 7pm March 24th. If it isn’t the best conference ever, it won’t be for effort or energy. Under promise  and over deliver Pete.

I can’t reveal all the secrets of the day, but I have rarely slept a full 8 hours without waking at some stage, wondering “that else can I do” to make this memorable, and to live up to 2013. Justin and the executive have pretty much handed me full creative control – I will be careful to find the right balance but I promise you I have considered the best way to make this conference entertaining, fun, engaging, enlightening and full of great food, coffee and at the end cocktails.

If, when you approach management for the funds to invest in this conference they query the cost, you can assure them this is an investment. It will make sense to attend as I have structured the conference in a way that will make returns to those organisations who choose to send supervisors, team leaders and managers.

It would be so wonderful to have you all there. Please think of a spot for a supervisor, team leader.

We have sold 200 tickets to the conference and I am determined to do all I can to make it a sell-out, which is 360.

For those who have booked tickets – get excited!

Thank you for all those that have supported me, encouraged me and bought tickets.

I have done my best to represent ASIEQ and the industry in the best possible light.

Hope to see you all at the next forum.

Association of Self Insured Employers of Queensland

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George Street QLD 4003

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ASIEQ believes the opportunity to self insure provides a vehicle for managing the cost of workplace injuries that compliments & enhances an existing workplace culture to provide increased opportunities and incentives to prevent injuries and improve outcomes for injured workers.