Injury Management Conference 2015 – Update #7

Injury Management Conference 2015 – Update #7

March 24th 2015 will be as much a celebration as a conference. We are less than 5 months out and we have all major sponsorships secured, all friends sponsorships booked and the banner for the day are just amazing. The conference appearance will look sparkling. As you walk towards the room you may get a glimpse of one of the banners directing you to the plaza room.

It is with great excitement that I can announce, that those attending the conference will be privy to a $5,000 philanthropic act, thanks to The Workers’ Compensation Regulator. I want to pay special thanks to Angela Chapman and all parties agreeing to this kind donation that may well alter the course of many lives for the better. The Regulator has also booked a table of 8 and will sponsor the morning tea. Justin and I are so delighted with this response, and it cements a wonderful relationship, alongside the major sponsorship received by Work Cover Queensland.

The room is slowly filling. I suggest you book early to get the best seats and tables. I also recommend you are seated by 8.20am, albeit official start time is 8.30am. As I have said repeatedly this conference will be different. I have considered the entire audience and want something that not just educates and enables a transformation of your injury management success, I want this day to be the most enjoyable of your year.

To that end, and without giving it all away, a young actress, with a speaking role in the soon to be released, Australiens, has left all of us watching rehearsal, speechless. She, along with Nicole J Murray will bring to life the research of Dr. Venerina Johnson. These actors and Venerina have met on six occasions already, to leave no stone unturned in delivering something special to the audience.

There are just a couple of sponsorship options left. A major prize can get you on stage so please consider.

My final word about this conference, is that it is not an expense. It is an investment. Your organisations performance in this field will be transformed if you bring some supervisors, HR’s, line managers and for the rest of you, there is enough interest, entertainment and personal development insights to make this a wonderful day.

I have attached a booking form. Get this back to to register interest. It will reserve a spot, and the sooner the better……you will want to be as close to stage as possible – trust me!

Finally, thank you to all who have supported and trusting me on putting this together – I have given it 100% and will continue to do so until 7pm March 24th 2015.

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