Injury Management Conference 2015 – Update #6

Injury Management Conference 2015 – Update #6

Hey All,

We are only (6) months away from the 2015 IM conference and that time will fly!

I am working on all the behind the scenes stuff:- presents, table cards, table signs, thank-you cards, visuals and audio, lanyards and all the banners and signage. Molly, from Molly’s Creative Cottage has hand designed much of this material and it looks absolutely amazing. On the day, take some time to look at the thank-you cards, table maps and the way presents are wrapped and carded. I have done everything to make sure it all looks great.

At nights I am meeting with Dr. Johnson and some actors who will bring to life her research in two, (3) minute scenes. We have already met on (6) occasions to make this perfect and make it feel real and special for you all. They will showcase (2) of the most important concepts identified from her research.

Things have quietened down a little, and in some ways the conference is marketing itself. Because of the 2013 conference, and all Bill did to make that so special, many are booking tickets on memory. I don’t want to drop the ball and I won’t. I promise a few surprises and some innovation. I am so proud of the start of this journey and don’t want anyone who has a ticket to leave feeling disappointed. I really urge you to book soon to grab a good seat. I feel there is a chance it will be one of the most special days we will have in 2015…..I can’t tell you all what is in store, but you won’t be disappointed. All going well you will laugh, cry and be moved.

Till October.

Pete the conference Oracle

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