Injury Management Conference 2015 – Update #10

Only 4 weeks to go and it’s going to be hectic, to make sure all is in place for March 24th. I could not be more confident of the presenters and talent and I really think they will create something wonderful. By now, you pretty much have a feel for the day (hopefully) and we are nearly at the end of last ditch marketing and sales to enable a “SELL OUT”.

Thanks for all of you who have supported me, and have purchased tickets. The performers and presenters have given everything, over several months, and we are attempting something very unique and a little bold. Well, the time for talking is nearly over. You have heard enough from me for the moment so it’s now time to “walk the walk”. I promised Bill, out of respect for all he had done, that I would do everything to carry on the tradition and keep the ball alive. I will have done everything to make this a great a conference as possible and look forward to a rest come 7pm March 24th

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ASIEQ believes the opportunity to self insure provides a vehicle for managing the cost of workplace injuries that compliments & enhances an existing workplace culture to provide increased opportunities and incentives to prevent injuries and improve outcomes for injured workers.