I learnt, cried, laughed and enjoyed.

I learnt, cried, laughed and enjoyed.

The feedback is in:- ASIEQ members should be proud to have reached out to other stakeholders to coordinate the Back to the Future of Injury Management Conference that was focused on reviewing the past, challenging the present to improve the future. Here is some of the feedback that has been received about the conference and the amazing array of speakers.

The conference overall was greatly organized, everything was interesting, learnt a lot.
Well done a lot of effort, making it flow well on theme.
The conference was engaging and informative and a great collection of people were chosen to share their knowledge and life stories.
Great Variety of topics & presenters, kept the whole day engaging & well worth attending.
A great testament to the power of many individuals working together. Great work team!
Very thought provoking, with good information and insight into people’s experiences.
One of the best injury management one’s I have been too. A great mix of speakers, I love hearing the real life stories.
Fantastic to have such a high caliber of speakers back to back an informative & inspiring day.
Really enjoyed all the presentations and exercises to make it interactive.
Enjoyed the breadth of presentations, particularly the use of real world examples an applications.
The conference was well thought out the presenters provided a great mix of safety, injury management & wellness themes.
I have taken away insights & plenty of food for thought, not only in my job, but also to my own personal life. This has been really enlightening for me!
The conference was excellent and very beneficial to everyone on the table, thank you for hosting.
Informative information to take back to put into practice.
I really enjoyed that it had a strong focus on mental health, loved the variety & time.
Well organised & great range of topics covered.
Variety of information was great – topics were relevant for now – mental health and wellness.
Informative, food for thought with practical applications back in the office.
Great venue, amazing lunch & informative speakers.
Well organised, on topic & relevant. Kept everyone engaged.
Insightful, presenters beyond the ordinary, very smoothly run.
Very professionally conducted, speakers were fantastic.
Really wonderful array of topics & insights – Thank You
Well run, well catered, well presented.
The conference provided a holistic look @ injury management. There was a good cross section of speakers who were well prepared and engaging.
It has been motivating and inspiring to take time to think about how we can do better in our work.
Just Brilliant, Very well organised, great presenters, have learnt a lot.
Positive uplifting and inspirational, great themes about empathy, compassion and caring! Loved it.
Took something away from every presenter.
Have enjoyed the review, challenge and improve theme to look towards the future.
The range of Speakers and content from them was excellent. Very pertinent to our ever changing landscape of injury management. Relaxed and really enjoyable.
It has been the best conference I have attended. I have found all speakers interesting and captivating.
Very different format from normal conferences! Wish more were like this!
Very well run the choices of speakers was very well chosen.
Ran like clockwork, good speakers.
Overall I immensely enjoyed the conference and appreciate the wide ranging topic and diverse speakers.
Widened my appreciation of the good this industry can achieve.
Fabulous spread of professions, stakeholders & issues. Keep it going!
Totally informative, interesting & enjoyable.
A good balance of real life experience, research and practical strategies. Engaging MC pulling sessions and concepts together.
I really enjoyed the mix of speakers from health, legal, employer& people from community.
The speakers delivered presentations in a practical way, which we can implement.
Good to have the positive and inspirational presentations.
Well-constructed diverse range of speakers who were well versed in their fields.
So many good speakers.
Provided a variety of presenters and thought provoking presentations.
A well-constructed conference that touched on all aspects of injury management and challenged everyone to work together to achieve better human focused outcomes.
Probably one of the best I have been to. Every speaker was relevant engaging and interesting. Highly recommend attending.
Fantastically put together – perfect balance of speakers – technical, emotive, soft skills based and all really entertaining. Laughed! Cried! Feel very motivated and inspired. Thanks!
Best ASIEQ conference to date. All presenters were informative and I took away something from all of them.
Great mix of presenters & styles of presentations.
Excellent presenters – professional presentations and loved the use of humour. It improved my wellness 🙂
One of the best conferences ever
Very worthwhile – great presenters. Best I have been to in a long while.
Good Fun & insightful speakers.
Overall one of the best I have attended in the last 10 years.
Great energy and positive culture created.
Very well organised with great communication with a variety of great speakers.
The different perspective of all speakers was definitely a positive.
Sharing and Caring – let’s hope this is what the future holds.
I learnt, cried, laughed and enjoyed.
Very good. Great topics. Entertaining presenters. The best one so far.

Thanks to all who participated


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